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2018-19 Schedule

The fourth season of the SBMRL will take place over the course of the next 9 months, covering the 2018-19 season.  League officials have finally released the race schedule much to the delight of league fans.

The season opens with new track Road America, located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  Cars will have a lot of room to open up the throttle there.  Circuit of the Americas returns for a fourth year in October, as does Formula 1’s most prestigious race, Monaco.  Sandwiched between them will be a return to Singapore, a race Captain Slow won for his only career victory in the SBMRL’s inaugural season.

After the calendar flips over to the new year, the league will head south again, this time to Argentina to race in Buenos Aires.  This will be the league’s first South American race outside of Brazil.  Next on the calendar will be not only a new country but a new continent, as the field will visit Kyalami, located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa.

The final third of the season will see a return to France’s Magny-Cours after a one year absence.  The league then visits the United States for a third time, heading to upstate New York and Watkins Glenn.  This marks the fourth new track on the schedule for this season.  Finally, a return to Spain’s Barcelona will finish things off.

2018-19 Schedule*

September 22: Elkhart Lake, USA
October 20: Austin, USA
November 17: Singapore
December 15: Monte Carlo, Monaco
January 19: Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 16: Kyalami, South Africa
March 16: Magny-Cours, France
April 20: Watkins Glenn, USA
May 11: Barcelona, Spain

* Exact dates subject to change

2017-18 Schedule

The SBMRL has announced the provisional calendar for the 2017-18 season, although league offices have said that some circuits have not yet signed off on the paperwork.

According to the released schedule, three tracks from last year return.  Monaco, Austin, and Interlagos have all been confirmed for this year.  Austin will host the October race while Monaco retains the December slot.  Those two tracks will be the only ones to have hosted three SBMRL races.  Interlagos returns in the same month, January, that it hosted last year.  The other track to get a second SBMRL race is Buddh in India, which is back on the calendar after a one year hiatus, this time in February.

New circuits to the SBMRL include Suzuka, Melbourne, Shanghai, and Portland.  The latter of which will host the season opener in September.  SBMRL fans appear to be most excited for a chance to explore Suzuka, with its unique figure-8 layout.

The one race that has not been finalized is the season ending race in May.  Despite upheaval in the standings in last year’s final race, the race itself was marred by retirements and relatively little drama near the end.  As a result, the SBMRL is in talks with Barcelona, a move that would keep the season finale in Spain.  However, rumors suggest that other European tracks are eager to get in on the action, with Silverstone and Zandvoort as potential spoilers.

2017-18 Schedule*

September 16: Portland, USA
October 21: Austin, USA
November 18: Suzuka, Japan
December 16: Monte Carlo, Monaco
January 20: Interlagos, Brazil
February 17: Buddh, India
March 17: Melbourne, Australia
April 21: Shanghai, China
May 19: Barcelona, Spain^

* Exact dates subject to change
^ To be confirmed

2016-17 Schedule

The SBMRL schedule for 2016-17 has now been made available to the public.  As has been rumored, the league has expanded the schedule from 8 to 9 races, starting a month earlier.  There will be four repeat tracks from last year and 5 new ones on the docket.

The famed Belgian circuit of Spa-Francorchamps has been tipped as the season opener.  A new track for the league, Spa is one of the most challenging tracks in the world.  The American Grand Prix held in Austin will repeat its October slot on the schedule.  The southeast Asian race moves from Singapore to Malaysia before a trip to Monaco, which moves up a month to December.

After the league’s first South American stop in Brazil, the league finishes with 4 races in Europe.  The German Grand Prix moves from Hockenheim to the Nurburgring.  Sochi precedes Mangy-Cours in France, with the season’s final race once again being held in Valencia.

2016-17 Schedule*

September 16: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
October 21: Austin, USA
November 18: Sepang, Malaysia
December 16: Monte Carlo, Monaco
January 20: Interlagos, Brazil
February 17: Nurburgring, Germany
March 17: Sochi, Russia
April 21: Magny-Cours, France
May 19: Valencia, Spain

*Exact dates subject to change