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Magny-Cours Recap

With some overnight rain, race day in Magny-Cours was overcast and cool, but the track was dry and the field eager to get the race in. As the 7th race of the season, it marked the beginning of the season’s final trio of races. A strong showing here could put a driver in contention. Here’s how they lined up:

P1 – Launch Bornado (FR)
P2 – Sheila Dinkum (RM)
P3 – Rask Sjofar (SB)
P4 – Bubba McQueen (SR)
P5 – Jaap Snellrijder (RM)
P6 – Delilah Whipplefilter (FR)
P7 – The Stig (SB)
P8 – Whiplash (SR)

Starting from 4th place, Bubba was able to time the lights perfectly and get a jump on Rask at the start, edging ahead in the first two corners. Rask, Launch, and Sheila were all hot in his tail as the field quickly shifted their way up to higher gears.

The field charged down the Golf straight, packed about as tightly as one could expect given the speeds they were recording. As they approached the Adelaide hairpin, it was Jaap who got there first.

Jaap leads the field into the second sector

The second sector saw Jaap struggle to maintain his lead and the rest of the field struggle to catch up. In other words, plenty of opportunities missed. Rask, Sheila, and Launch led the charge, with Bubba trying to shake things up.

At the Imola chicane, the Force Ravenswood pair would finally take advantage of Jaap’s mistakes, with Bubba also joining up with them. Bubba’s participation was temporary, though, as he couldn’t keep up in the third sector. A short way behind them, Scandinavian Blitz and Whiplash plodded along. Sheila was barely an afterthought.

Delilah, Jaap, and Launch all wheel-to-wheel

It was in the final corner of the first lap that Whiplash would start to make a move. He flew past both red cars and his teammate, pitting just behind the race leaders. As the second lap commenced, Delilah and Launch were pulling away, but Whiplash was finding his rhythm. Rask found the pace to join him in the battle with Jaap for third place.

Force Ravenswood in the lead

As he did on the first lap, Jaap struggled through sector 2, and his teammate Sheila started to do the same. Whiplash, on the other hand, was in a zone, hitting each corner just right. While Jaap’s struggles seem to have rubbed off on his teammate, Whiplash’s inspired driving seeemed to do the same for his. Bubba began to find the feel for his car, passing Rask for 5th place and beginning to threaten Jaap.

Whiplash takes the lead

Whiplash cruised through the 3rd sector for his third win of the year, with Delilah and Launch in hot pursuit… or perhaps more accurately, tepid pursuit. The Force Ravenswood drivers couldn’t quite figure the final two corners. Jaap’s second sector struggles were replaced with third sector skill, and he was able to get past both of them. Bubba, meanwhile, meant to make things difficult as well.

Jaap on his way to second place

As the cars charged down the back straight, Launch was able to hold off the challenge from Bubba, but Delilah wasn’t quite as lucky. The Stig and Rask held a drag race for 6th, while Sheila finished a miserable 8th.

Launch just barely holds off Bubba

Final Results

Whiplash (SR)841
Jaap Snellrijder (RM)532
Launch Bornado (FR)123
Bubba McQueen (SR)454
Delilah Whipplefilter (FR)615
Rask Sjofar (SB)366
The Stig (SB)787
Sheila Dinkum (RM)278

Whiplash’s victory is his 3rd this season and 2nd in the past three races. He joins Jaap and the Stig as the only drivers to have won 3 times in a single season and is now 3rd on the career wins list. It’s also his 8th podium, which is 4th all time. The victory extends his lead in the driver standings to 24 points.

Jaap’s 2nd place duplicates his result from Kyalami and pulls him up into a tie with Delilah for 2nd in the standings. Launch’s podium is only his second of the season, with the last one coming at Elkhart Lake, which was the season opener. The result keeps him 2 podiums ahead of Jaap on the career leader board.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Stig’s all or nothing struggles came up in the nothing category, dropping him down to 4th place. Meanwhile, Sheila’s last place finish makes her the first driver mathematically eliminated from the driver’s championship this year.

The team standings have Sprite Racing now well ahead of the others. They boast a 32 point lead over Scandinavian Blitz. Just 5 points separate the 3 teams chasing Sprite Racing. Right now, Regency Motors is in last place.

On a statistical oddity note, this race was the 2nd time in SBMRL history where 3 drivers finished in the exact same position as they did from the previous race. Jaap, Bubba, and Rask were also 2nd, 4th, and 6th in Kyalami. The last time this happened was in the inaugural season when Launch, Jaap, and Captain Slow finished 2nd, 4th, and 5th at Buddh and Monaco.

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Magny-Cours Preview

Race 7 on the 2018-19 SBMRL calendar takes us to Magny-Cours, France.


The Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours was originally constructed in the 1960’s and saw Formula 1 race there in the 1990’s and 2000’s. It has played host to the SBMRL once previously, which took place two seasons ago.

A clockwise circuit, Magny-Cours is known for its extremely high speed stretches. It will certainly tax the engines as they rev to full throttle.

The pit straight is fairly short, with a quick left hander called Grande Courbe to open things up. From there, a smooth right by the name of Estoril can be taken pretty much as fast as the cars are able to push. The long Golf straight that follows is one of the longest we’ll see this year, and the cars will be flying down it as fast as they possibly can.

The Golf straight ends at the sharp Adelaide hairpin, one of the hardest braking corners this season. Expect some cars to get it wrong here, but it may be a case of fast in slow out as a preference over the norm. The straight that follows isn’t particularly short, but the Nurburgring corner is more of a slight shuffle than the chicane it is officially listed as.

The next corner is a 180 degree bend to the left. Were it sharper, it’d be a hairpin, and were it less sharp, it would resemble the Estoril corner from the first sector. As it is, it’s basically the inside line of that corner heading back in the other direction, and it falls between the two extremes. It’s followed by a relatively lengthy straight before the Imola chicane, a bend similar to the Nurburgring corner seen earlier.

Chateua D’Eau follows Imola in quick succession, one of the only real rhythm combinations on the track. A moderate straight and the Complexe du Lycée is all that stands remaining before the pits.

Starting Grid

There’s a new leader atop the driver standings and a bit of a shuffle in the ranks after South Africa. The result is that the grid for Magny-Cours shapes up as follows:

  1. Launch Bornado (FR)
  2. Sheila Dinkum (RM)
  3. Rask Sjofar (SB)
  4. Bubba McQueen (SR)
  5. Jaap Snellrijder (RM)
  6. Delilah Whipplefilter (FR)
  7. The Stig (SB)
  8. Whiplash (SR)

Each team sports a driver in the top 4 and each team has one in the bottom four, highlighting how evenly matched things are this year.

The order of pit selection is the order of team standings:

  1. Sprite Racing
  2. Scandinavian Blitz
  3. Force Ravenswood
  4. Regency Motors

Magny-Cours is the home race for both Jaap and Rask.

Track History

While Magny-Cours has only held one SBMRL event, it was an eventful one. Launch took the victory after starting in 6th place on the grid, so it’s clearly a track where every driver has a legitimate shot at victory. Only Launch, Jaap, and the Stig participated the last time out. The Stig finished 7th and Jaap crashed out, so they’ll be looking for some redemption. Jamonito del Verde and Mater were the other two drivers on the podium.

SBMRL @ Magny-Cours

Magny-Cours Recap

A beautiful, clear day with highs in the mid-60’s welcomed the SBMRL to hte Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours in France.  With good weather and a number of high speed straights, the day was set for a thrilling ride.  The cars lined up as follows:

P1 – Captain Slow (Jason)
P2 – Nero (Frank)
P3 – Mater (Ryan)
P4 – The Stig (Jason)
P5 – Ice (Ryan)
P6 – Launch Bornado (Frank)
P7 – Jamonito del Verde (Frank)
P8 – Danger Wheel (Ryan)
P9 – Jaronimus Maximus (Jason)
P10 – Jaap Snellrijder (Frank)

Both the Stig and Launch Bornado managed to time the lights perfectly, getting the jump on Mater and Ice, respectively.  Battles commenced immediately up and down the full length of the field as the cars raced to the first corner.  Captain Slow took the early lead, with the Stig, Launch, and Nero all in hot pursuit.  The Golf straight saw a lot of passing, with the Stig failing to keep up with the front runners and getting caught up by the likes of Jaronimus and Jaap.  Ice and the Red Bull drivers joined Jamonito at the back.

Nero takes to the inside in Adelaide

The second sector first saw the Stig, then Launch, take the lead as the battles at the front continued to go back and forth.  Captain Slow kept up as best possible, but Nero started to fade.  That allowed Jaap and Jaronimus to reel him in.  Jaap then found speed to burn through the straight leading to Imola and was among the front runners in short order.

Launch in the lead

Sector three didn’t see a lot of movement in position other than Jamonito beginning to sneak up on the midfield.  When they came round to the pits, Captain Slow was first across the line, skipping out on a stop due to a clean first lap.  Launch had nursed his tyres well but found an adjustment to his abused gear box was in order.  That gave Jaap the chance to complete lap 1 in second place as he barreled on.  Ice was the third and final driver to skip his pit stop, gaining several places after having fallen all the way to last coming around the final bend.

Ice charges past the pits

The second lap saw Captain Slow leading the pair of yellow Regency Motors cars down the long Golf straight.  Ice’s gambit allowed him to slide into 4th position.  Launch Bornado was the driver who handled the Adelaide corner the smoothest, and he was first in, first out, but without good speed heading into Nurburgring.  That allowed Captain Slow to gain on him.  In contrast, Jaap’s inability to emulate his teammate left him battling with Ice and a charging Jamonito.  The rest of the field followed closely, with the lone exception of Danger Wheel, whose opening of the second lap left a lot to be desired.

The midfield converges after the Golf straight

Skipping back to the midfield runners, who looked to be well behind Captain Slow at this stage, things began to shift over the course of the second sector.  The most obvious and shocking event of the race was seeing standings leader Jaap Snellrijder pull off to the side of the 180 corner after his engine gave out.

Jaap’s engine gives out

What was far less obvious as it was occurring were the rise of Mater and Jamonito.  Jamonito had caught up with Ice and Jaap in the Adelaide corner, and kept up with them both until Jaap’s engine demise.  He was subsequently able to catch Captain Slow in Imola.

Mater, on the other hand, was bottom 3 until an inspired 2nd sector charge.  He found speed aplenty in Imola, reeling in Ice a short while later.  While Launch cruised to his first victory, Captain Slow saw both Jamonito and Mater pass him by around the final bends.

The battle for 2nd comes down to the wire

Nero managed to pip Ice for 5th place as they crossed the line, and the Cobalt teammates finished one after the other for the 4th time this year.  The Stig’s 7th place finish was extremely disappointing after an extremely promising first lap.  Jaronimus finished just ahead of Danger Wheel to round out the field.

Final Results

Driver Start Lap Finish
Launch Bornado (RM) 5 3 1
Jamonito del Verde (ORC) 7 5 2
Mater (RB) 3 10 3
Captain Slow (SB) 1 1 4
Nero (CO) 2 7 5
Ice (CO) 5 6 6
The Stig (SB) 4 4 7
Jaronimus Maximus (ORC) 9 8 8
Danger Wheel (RB) 8 9 9
Jaap Snellrijder (RM) 10 2 10, dnf

There were a lot of interesting things about the race in France, but the first two are obviously the diametrically opposite fates of the Regency Motors drivers.  Launch Bornado finally wins a race in his 16th attempt.  Despite a fair amount of success, he was the only driver from the inaugural season who had yet to tally a win.  That leaves Jamonito as the only active driver without a win.  Jamonito’s 2nd place is the 4th time this year that he’s been the bridesmaid, so he has certainly had his share of success.  Mater rounded out the podium in 3rd place.  After his victory in Austin earlier this season, it marks his second podium of the year and the first time he’s ever finished in 3rd place.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Jaap’s failure to see the checkered flag marks the first time he’s suffered such a fate.  Given that he was as high as 2nd place during the race, that’s a tough pill to swallow.  For race fans, though, it’s a great boon.  The driver standings are now about as tight as they can get heading into the final race of the season.  Jaap holds a 2 point lead over Launch and Jaronimus, who are tied.  Jamonito is within 10 points of the lead trio.

A final note of trivia comes from the fact that for the first time in SBMRL history, the top 5 cars came from 5 different teams.  Jaronimus finishing ahead of Danger Wheel was the only thing preventing the bottom half from being a mirror image of the top.

On the team level, Regency Motors extended their lead over Osito Racing Company but only slightly.  The team title will come down to those two teams, as Red Bull is just a few points too far back to take the crown.  They can, however, steal second place away from Osito if things work out just right.  The bottom two teams scored the exact same number of points as each other.

With Jaap’s win in Sochi, Regency Motors have back-to-back wins for the first time.  The only other team to have accomplished that is Cobalt, who’ve done it twice.  Nero and Ice won at Sebring and Hockenheim last year, then had season-spanning back-to-back victories with Valencia and Spa-Francorchamps.  There was only one race between those pairs of wins, meaning that Nero and Ice won 4 out of 5 in that stretch.

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