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2017 Topps, including base cards and All-Stars.

By editing the default.xml file, you can change the twitter or Instagram handles. The logos for each are also separate graphics, so you can move them if needed.


Download file: 2017_topps.zip

To install, simply extract into your OOTP bb_cards directory corresponding to the computing platform you use.


  • 3/24/2017 - Created by fhomess
  • 4/14/2017 - Added HOF and Awards cards

OOTP Forum Thread

Discussion on the OOTP forums: Look at new Topps cards


Base Cards

Alex gordon 2017 topps.png Madison bumgarner 2017 topps.png

All-Star Cards

All-Star cards are based off of the 2017 Topps League Leaders cards.

Robinson cano 2017 topps allstar.png Gerrit cole 2017 topps allstar.png

Hall of Fame Cards

Hall of Fame cards are based off of the 2017 Topps Salute/Jackie Robinson insert cards. The default graphics for the card use MLB colors, but there is also an "open" version of the graphics included that allow you to use team colors instead.

Albert pujols 2017 topps hof.png Cc sabathia 2017 topps hof.png

Awards Cards

Awards cards are based off of the 2017 Topps Awards insert cards. The vertical award name text on the front of the card is an image file, and several versions of this is included if you'd like to create some alternate awards.

Colors for these cards include the default team background color and the jersey secondary color.

Rick porcello 2017 topps cy young.png Ryan braun 2017 topps boy.png Jon gray 2017 topps roy.png Kevin kiermaier 2017 topps defense.png