2008 Upper Deck

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2008 Upper Deck


Download file: 2008_Upper_Deck.zip

To install, simply extract into your OOTP bb_cards directory corresponding to the computing platform you use.


  • 07/15/2016 - Created by fhomess
  • 08/03/2016 - Added awards and HOF cards (fhomess)

OOTP Forum Thread

Discussion on the OOTP forums: 2008 Upper Deck


Base Cards

There are 10 different photo backgrounds for the back of the card.

David ortiz 2008 upper deck.png Jake peavy 2008 upper deck.png

All-Star Cards

Evan longoria 2008 Upper Deck All-Star.png Matt harvey 2008 Upper Deck All-Star.png

Hall of Fame Cards

Based on Derek Jeter Chronicles insert cards.

Carlos beltran 2008 Upper Deck hof.png Cliff lee 2008 Upper Deck hof.png

Award Winner Cards

Based on Rookie Debut insert cards.

Mike trout 2008 Upper Deck mvp.png Clayton kershaw 2008 Upper Deck poy.png

Rookie of the Year Cards

Francisco lindor 2008 Upper Deck roy.png Noah syndergaard 2008 Upper Deck roy.png

Gold Glove Cards

Based on Infield Power insert cards.

Dallas keuchel 2008 Upper Deck gg.png Brandon crawford 2008 Upper Deck gg.png