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The 1951 Topps template has 2 different versions: one which with a red diamond in the center flanked by yellow corners, the other with team colors used instead of red and yellow. Red or blue back is randomly selected. The different play options are randomly selected at approximately the same rate that they appeared in the original set.


Download file: 1951_Topps.zip

To install, simply extract into your OOTP bb_cards directory corresponding to the computing platform you use.


  • Created 05/23/2014 for OOTP15 by fhomess

OOTP Forum Thread

Discussion on the OOTP forums: 1951 Topps


Base Cards (Red/Yellow)

Erik eikelenboom 1951 topps.png

Igram vanmunster 1951 topps.png

Base Cards (Team Colors)

Erik eikelenboom 1951 topps team colors.png