OOTP19 MySQL Configuration

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StatsLab for OOTP19 requires the same configuration as the OOTP18 MySQL Configuration.

If you wish to avoid having to check all the right boxes, you can also download the configuration file that will set this all up for you. Simply install the config file in your league's settings directory while OOTP is not running, and when you open the league up again, everything should be checked as required.

Download: OOTP18_MySQL_Config.zip

You can include the checkbox for Replace Accents if you find that your FTP and MySQL load causes odd characters to show up rather than the intended accented characters. The file above does not include it.

Be sure to leave the Table Name Prefix field blank. StatsLab doesn't currently support one.

Ootp19 statslab config.png

Including MySQL files other than those required by StatsLab may result in unexpected errors.