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Fonzie13's Team Specific Baseball Card Backgrounds

The set of backgrounds included here are intended for user with baseball cards to give players a background specific to the team they play for. Note that these are for Major League teams, and the nickname of the team must match the filenames exactly. If in you include a fictional team or alternate nickname, these backgrounds will not work (e.g. Redlegs instead of Reds).


Download file:

To install:

  • Download the zip file
  • Extract into your OOTP bb_cards images directory. This will be /bb_cards/templates/ootpXX(_mac)/images, where XX is the version of OOTP.
  • Update your baseball card template's XML files to utilize as follows:
<ELEMENT type="image" x="0" y="0" zorder="0" width="220" height="320" content="z_[%TEAM_NICK]_[%RANDOM_NUMBER].png" add_background="0" />
<ELEMENT type="image" x="6" y="9" zorder="1" width="206" height="309" content="PICTURE" facegen_zoom = "out" facegen_angle = "random" add_background="0"/>


  • Created 5/24/2021 by Fonzie13

OOTP Forum Thread

Discussion on the OOTP forums: BBCARDS: specific team backgrounds


Here is a sample of these in use with the 1991 Topps template, also created by Fonzie13.

1991 topps base.jpg