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1960 Topps featured multiple colored lettering on the front and different colored borders. The side border section displayed a black and white photo of the player in addition to the main photo.

The 1960 Topps set certainly exposes OOTP limitations with baseball cards, as multiple-colored lettering and colored/black & white player photo combinations are not possible (as far I know). Also, cartoon images on the back are random and therefore won't match up with the featured player.


Download file: 1960_Topps-v2.zip

To install, unzip to a folder on your computer. Then move the desired template folder into your OOTP bb_cards directory corresponding to the computing platform you use.


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Base Cards

Harmon killebrew 1960 topps.png

Don mossi 1960 topps.png

All-Star Cards

Frank robinson 1960 topps allstar.png

Generic All-Star version:

Pete rose 1960 topps allstar.png

Award Winners Cards

Ron santo 1960 topps roy.png

Marv breeding 1960 topps rookieas.png