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This page contains the answers to common troubleshooting questions within StatsLab.

Login Issues

No Users in Login Dropdown

If you are unable to login because there are no users in the login dropdown, there are several possible reasons for this. First, make sure that you have assigned at least one human GM to a team (a commish who manages no teams is not sufficient). Then, regardless of the reason, the fix is relatively simple:

  • Login to phpMyAdmin or whatever database admin tool you're using for MySQL
  • Connect to your StatsLab database
  • Drop the human_managers and ootp_sql_users tables
  • Open StatsLab in your browser
  • Access the sql_file_load.php page
  • Load the leagues, sub_leagues, divisions, teams, and team_relations tables
  • Load the human_managers table (do this after loading the others)
  • You should now be able to access the login page with the drop down populated.

Note that this will not erase user settings or change user passwords.

User Password Doesn't Work

If one of your users is unable to access StatsLab because their password no longer works or they can't remember it, the Admin page has an option to reset the user's password to the default password.

Commish Password Doesn't Work

If the commish password no longer works, the easiest solution is to have another user with commish access reset that user's password. If no other commish users exists, it is possible to use phpMyAdmin to edit the human_managers table for a user whose password works, to make them a commish temporarily. Browse the table to find that user's record, then edit the is_commish field to 1. When done, set it back to 0.

Voting Issues

User Is Unable to Add Players to Their Awards Ballot

If a user is unable to add players to their awards ballot, it usually is because they have sorted the player listing. The JavaScript that sorts player listings in StatsLab breaks the JavaScript that adds players to the ballot list. There is a note on the awards balloting page to this effect, but users often don't read it. The simple solution is to vote with two browser windows open, one sorted and another not sorted.

If users are not sorting, verify that they have JavaScript enabled in their browser.