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  • Fixed the Playoffs Page to properly handle byes and display series in the correct round.
    • NOTE: This requires an additional file be included in the SQL dump: league_playoff_fixtures
  • Fixed an issue with fielding stats
  • Added Slack integration
    • Supports sending different things to different channels
    • Notification when StatsLab is updated
    • Notification when a trade block is updated
    • Support for draft notifications
  • Added a User admin page where you can review user settings more easily and handle subscriptions of them.
  • Added a Contract Extension admin page where you can see all the contract extensions signed during the current season. This makes it easy to see if they adhere to your league's house rules.
  • Logging in after trying to access a different page will now automatically redirect you to the page you were trying to access.


  • Improved performance of draft warroom
  • Minor bug fixes



  • Fixed issue of 2nd and 3rd place award winners appearing as actual winners
  • Added manager pages and records


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added ability to import/export the auto draft list


  • Added the following stats to stat leaderboard widgets:
    • Batting stats: TB, EBH, WPA
    • Pitching stats: SV%, K/9IP, BB/9IP, H/9IP, R/9IP, HR/9IP, K/BB, WPA
  • Fixed issue with deprecated is_dst parameter in date/time functions


  • Ratings pages not showing any players
  • Fixed a problem that resulted in an empty login box
  • Now correctly identifying International Complex players in Trade Blocks and ratings pages
  • Injury report was not showing any players
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Requires OOTP16 Patch #5
  • Fixed retired players filter on the History -> Leaderboards page.
  • Fixed team filter on Season -> Stats page. This prevented some of the date filtering from working