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What is StatsLab?

StatsLab is a series of dynamically generated web pages that provide interactive reports and functions for Out of the Park Baseball leagues. The focus is for online OOTP leagues, but it can be used with solo leagues as well if a web server with PHP and MySQL is available.

OOTP has the ability to configure and export a MySQL database dump of data contained within the game itself. When imported into StatsLab, StatsLab will provide reports, features, and functions beyond what OOTP provides. It is designed to complement OOTP generated HTML reports, rather than replace them completely.


  • Current Season reports with Last Sim data views
    • Box Scores
    • Top Performances
    • Playoff Odds
    • Playoff Reports
    • Standings
  • Historical/Career Reports
    • Seasonal league overviews
    • Career, season, and progressive, player and team leaderboards
    • Team histories
    • Award histories
  • Voting Modules
  • Draft Module
    • Interactive, schedulable amateur drafts
    • Draft histories
  • Front Office
    • Trade Blocks
    • Payroll and Contracts
    • Ratings and Development Tracker
    • Upcoming Free Agents
  • Export Tracker
  • More!

Easy to Update

After installation, StatsLab is fairly easy to maintain. Following each sim in game, simply perform the following StatsLab specific steps:

  • Generate new MySQL files from inside OOTP
  • FTP the new MySQL files to your server
  • Load the new MySQL files into StatsLab's database
  • Run any relevant Post-Load Functions from StatsLab's admin page