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The 1965 Topps template is design to recreate 1965 Topps as accurately as possible. Each of the 20 teams that played in MLB in 1965 and are represented in the actual 1965 set have custom artwork in this set. Awards winners are recreated in the style of the original league leaders cards.

In addition, there is a generic template variation of the base cards which rotates the team logo/name banner to horizontal and uses team colors. This template is intended to be flexible enough for use with any OOTP team, fictional or real. At this point, the generic template has not been extended to awards cards.

I do intend to release a full complement of modern MLB team artwork at some point.


Download file: 1965_Topps.zip

To install, simply extract into your OOTP bb_cards directory corresponding to the computing platform you use.


  • Created 10/31/2014 for OOTP15 by fhomess

OOTP Forum Thread

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(Note these were made with fictional FaceGen pictures)

Base Cards

Roberto clemente 1965 .png Camilo pascual 1965 .png

1965 topps collage.png

All-Star Cards

Carl yastrzemski 1965 allstar.png

Award Winners Cards

Brooks robinson 1965 award.png

Sandy koufax 1965 award.png

Generic Base Cards

Dick mcauliffe 1965 generic.png